Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to Host a Great Communion and Worship Crusade in Zimbabwe

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The Charismatic Nigerian international evangelist, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is to host a great religious reformation and worship crusade in Zimbabwe in May 2017. This event which is anticipated to be full of miraculous signs of both spiritual and physical healing will be the first of its kind in this nation that rarely witnesses religious upheavals of international magnitude and excitement. The President of Christ Embassy and Believers’ LoveWorld Inc is a divine messenger from God, who under the influence of the Holy Spirit is motivated by a burning passion for bringing men and women from all over the world to the sanctuary of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), is not an ordinary preacher, but a specially anointed emissary of Christ whose diligent fulfillment of the special commission he received 30 years ago has taken him to every corner of the globe. His powerful, God-inspired teaching and healing missions have transformed the lives of millions of desolate people whose souls have transcended to a higher understanding of God’s purpose in them. Apart from being a divinely gifted pastor, he is also a best-selling author and televangelist. If you desire a life transforming experience through Jesus Christ, then you must be present to hear this chosen missionary declaring spiritually ennobling words of God with the power to actuate your life in blessings, healings, deliverance and promotion.

In a prophetic vision he had from God during the historic Night of Bliss Johannesburg South Africa in January 2016, Chris Oyakhilome foresaw that this event in Zimbabwe would be a miraculous spiritual crusade full of the glory and healing power of God. The whole nation of Zimbabwe is gripped in a fever of expectation about the impending visitation that will give fulfillment and a new meaning of life to countless despondent souls. The exact date of the religious festival by Christ Embassy will be 7th May 2017 at National Sports Stadium HARARE from 2 pm

To gain access into the live venue, you will need to register for the program and get tickets in advance. All registered delegates will have various options for participation such as on-site, one-on-one engagement with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, through taking part in the active involvement at any of several viewing centers that will be designated in particular places, or online through exclusive online streaming right here on website. Apart from that, there will be a channel on the CEFLIX mobile app on GooglePlay and IOS App store exclusively set aside for downloading the live event.

This will be a rare, once-in-a-lifetime religious event by Christ Embassy that you would not want to miss. The first guarantee that you need to have of participating is to register, followed by a confirmation of your attendance, and finally obtaining your access ticket. You certainly would not want to miss this occasion that will be a manifestation of the influence of Christ over your life, and its transformative power to make you a person of vitality. If you miss the crusade, you shall have missed a chance to bask in the actual glory of God.